Tackling climate change with technology

New facility will remove 63,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

EI-H2 is Ireland’s first green hydrogen company and is taking leadership in the country’s climate change battle.

As we strive towards a net zero future in 2050 we’re planning to build not only Ireland’s first green hydrogen facility but one of the biggest in the world.

Through state-of-the-art technology our new 50MW electrolysis plant, set to open its doors in Aghada, County Cork, will offer a cost-efficient solution to the climate crisis whilst removing 63,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually from the Irish industry and power generation.

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Pearse Flynn: Ireland’s luck is about to turn as a net exporter of energy

After years of stable supply, Ireland has found itself at the sharp end of an energy crisis. As the country moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewable forms of electricity generation, demand for the available power has dramatically increased. The island’s success in attracting inward investment from the world’s most successful technology brands has…

Pearse Flynn on Ireland’s future as a power exporter

EI-H2 founder Pearse Flynn has spoken of his vision for Ireland to become a leading source of power generation. Speaking in on Breakfast Business on Go Loud Now back in May, he shared his excitement for EI-H2 to become the driving force behind Ireland’s hydrogen future. As we previously reported, it is hoped the green…

Ellen Ruhotas on Whiddy Island’s future

  Zenith Energy CEO Ellen Ruhotas has spoken about long-term plans for the Whiddy Island facility. Commissioned in 1969 it has played an integral role in energy storage for Ireland and offering peace of mind that emergency oil stocks are readily available. Now as Ireland and the rest of the world looks to a carbon-neutral…

EI-H2 announces the appointment of Tom Lynch as CEO

EI-H2 has announced the appointment of Tom Lynch as CEO. Mr Lynch has an extensive track record in the energy sector both in Ireland and overseas. He founded Cork-based Energy Services in the nineties and has vast experience in leading and developing renewable energy and associated infrastructure projects in many parts of the Tom’s recent…

Zenith Energy and EI-H2 announce joint venture for green energy facility at Bantry Bay

Zenith Energy and EI-H2 have announced plans for a joint venture to develop a 3.2 gigawatt (GW) green energy facility at Bantry Bay to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia. The project will involve the engagement of key stakeholders in conducting a detailed feasibility study to explore the project’s full potential.   The new facility,…

€120m green energy facility planned for Cork creating 85 jobs

Green Hydrogen produced by EI-H2 will significantly decarbonise Cork’s lower harbour   Green energy company – EI-H2 – has announced plans for Ireland’s first Green Hydrogen facility. The new company intends to seek planning permission for a 50MW electrolysis plant in Aghada, County Cork, which when operational will remove 63,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually…

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